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1. Select the type of the object – Residential or Commercial premises

2. Complete the General Information marked with an asterisk. The rest of the sections and fields are optional. You can fill them out later. For a quick start of project development, fill out all the stages (General information, Attachment of documents, Requirements specification). We will contact you promptly and be sure to clarify all the nuances.

What’s next?

We will carefully study the information received and contact you for clarification. After that, we will prepare and sign an agreement with you, and after receiving payment (prepayment), we will immediately start developing a design project.

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General Information

Documents attachment

This will speed up the launch of the project development. Well, it can be sent later.
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Unfolded passport page with photo
Required for remote contract

Object plan

Object measurement
Necessary for remote design project development. You can use the services of builders to take measurements or make measurements yourself. For example, you can print the object plan and apply perimeter and height dimensions to it. Do not forget to note the distance to openings, windows, etc., as well as the dimensions of the windows themselves, openings, and technical elements (for example, pipe protrusions). We will send you a notification in case of significant deviations or a lack of dimensions.

Photo fixation of the object
Necessary for remote development of a design project. Take a photo with a camera or smartphone. Be sure to fix the technical elements (ventilation, pipes, etc.). You can choose from many files to download or an archive.

Other documents and files

Requirement specification

Full Name

Phone number


Object address

Area (sq. m.)

Residents quantity (Sex, Age)

Pets (Who exactly, What needs to be foreseen)

The need for redevelopment (Suggestions for changes)

Quantity of rooms and their functions

Necessary furniture and equipment in every room

Availability of furniture and equipment necessary to fit into the new interior

Underfloor heating systems (Which rooms)

Air conditioning systems (Which rooms)

Color preferences in general and in individual rooms

Preference in finishing materials (floor, walls, ceiling)

Other wishes and requirements

Style preferences in the interior (Analog images, Links)

Analog images - Archived or separate images

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