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About us

We are Interior Designers

A team of professionals creating stylish interiors filled with creativity and thoughtful matter for your apartment, cottage, cozy restaurant, hotel, shop or office … Planning solutions, realistic 3D visualization, a set of working drawings and, of course, designer supervision for the project.

Ultimate Interior Design

Detailed Solutions

Selection of textiles and materials. Production of exclusive furniture according to individual sketches. Absolutely unique solutions.
Why us

Creative professionalism

We work in any styles and with any objects. Set us a challenge and we will find a solution.

Why us

Saving of time and money

We save your time on ideas, selection of furniture and materials. Relax and enjoy your business.

Why us

Integrated design project

We offer flexible options for design projects. Do you need a complete package? We will do it.

Why us

Quality assurance. Designer's supervision

We perform subsequent service of our projects until its full implementation. Consultations, adjustments, and selections…

Why us

Online Advices and Services

We do our best to make our partnership comfortable. Even if it is inconvenient to come or you just have some questions. Contact us online

Why us

We can work distantly

Traffic collapses, other countries, and cities. There are many obstacles and inconveniences. But we have accumulated experience in distant work and this is productive.

Still dreaming? Order the design project right now. Step-by-step payment

Development stages

First stage

Consultation. Technical task

The initial online consultation (Phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, E-mail, Live chat) with the designer is free, you will get all the information you are interested in. Fill out a questionnaire – a technical task on the site by clicking on “Order Package”, where you will describe the features of your apartment, house or commercial facility, suggestions for functionality and interior style, the main requirements for the future interior.
Second stage

Measurements and Photofixation

The customer performs actual measurements and photofixation of the rooms using a smartphone or camera by himself or with the help of builders.

Third stage

Planning Solutions

The comfort of your home or the commercial object depends on competent development. Based on the measurement plan and the approved technical specifications, the designer develops options for a planning solution that includes functional zoning, placement of partitions, furniture, plumbing and equipment, indicating the required dimensions. The customer is given several options, based on which, the final plan is formed for further work on the project.

Fourth stage

Realistic 3D-visualization of the interior

The designer creates 3D-visualization, photo-realistic images that make it as clear as possible what your future interior will look like this stage, its stylistic and color scheme, the furniture, lighting and materials used. The customer is provided with one design variant for each room, in several angles, after which, if necessary, adjustments are made, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. The concept of the interior and the choice of materials and furniture is carried out, taking into account the budget agreed with the customer.

Fifth stage

Documentation. Transfer of the finished design project

A set of working drawings and specifications is created after agreeing on the 3D-visualization. The customer receives a finished design project with all working documentation and visual materials, after which you can proceed to the project.

Sixth stage

Consultations at the implementation stage

Consultations at the implementation stage are a set of measures for a developed project for its successful implementation. It includes consultations with the customer, the performers (builders) on the design project, little compelled adjustments.


Planning solutions – 5$ per m2. Order now

  • Minimum
  • 30$/ m2
  • 25 $/m2 (>150m2)
    30 $/m2 (2 – 6+ months of development)
    30 $/m2 (1 – 3+ months of development)

    For those who need an idea


    • 3D-visualization
    • Measurement plan
    • Dismantling plan
    • Built partitions plan
    • Planning solutions

  • Optimum
  • 50$/ m2
  • 45 $/m2 (>150m2)
    50 $/m2 (2 – 6+ months of development)
    50 $/m2 (1 – 3+ months of development)

    All the necessary + Designer’s Online Consultation during implementation


    • 3D-visualization
    • Measurement plan
    • Dismantling plan
    • Built partitions plan
    • Planning solutions
    • Ceiling plan with designation of materials and bindings
    • Plan of lighting devices and electrical leads
    • Plan of switches with groups
    • Lighting specification
    • Plan of sockets and switches
    • Floor Plan with Floor Designation
    • Plan of the electric warm floor
    • Plumbing equipment layout plan
    • Wall scans in all rooms
    • Specification of materials
    • Furniture and equipment specification
    • Designer’s online supervision

“Creating affordable world-class interiors with a team of leading professionals”


Our management team


Vladimir Zakharov

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Executive, Leading Designer

Maria Lebedeva

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